TWIG: Who are we?

The Tooth Whitening Information Group – TWIG – is working towards a safe and effective tooth whitening solution in the best interests of the public. To make tooth whitening safe for the public. TWIG consists of both members and representatives,

FAQs for dental professionals

The changes to the EU Law in October 2012, have helped to clarify the position on tooth whitening. In the UK, the changes were brought into force by the European Communities (Cosmetic Products) Regulations 2004 to 2013 (‘the Regulations’). However,

FAQs for beauticians

Many people still believe that the tooth whitening can be carried out in the salon, in pop-up kiosks or in the client’s home. Often, people in the beauty industry are sold expensive tooth-whitening courses and equipment by unscrupulous traders who

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Our main aims are:

  • Protecting the public and providing information on how to achieve safe tooth whitening with effective and long-lasting results.

  • Supporting official bodies to prosecute unqualified people carrying out illegal tooth whitening, and companies that sell illegal and harmful products.

  • A buyer's guide to tooth whitening

    We expect you will have some questions about tooth whitening, so we’ve created that downloadable leaflet to put your mind at ease.

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